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Heating With a Pellet Basket

A Wood Pellet Basket is for everyday home heating or as a back up heater when a winter storm or a natural disaster takes away your utilities. Most heaters require electricity or natural gas — pellet baskets do not. Lower your heating bill or have a back up plan when disaster strikes.

Where Can I Buy Wood Pellets?

What Are Pellet Baskets?

A wood pellet basket is a fireplace accessory in the form of a metal basket which is placed inside a wood stove or fireplace; allowing you to heat your home by burning wood pellets.

wood pellet baskets

Strongest-Built Pellet Baskets Available in the USA

Our pellet baskets are the only welded pellet baskets made in the United States. All joints are welded for extra durability and long life.

Benefits of Heating With Wood Pellets

There are many reasons people choose to heat their homes with wood pellets instead of firewood.

Burns hotter, more efficiently than conventional logs

Our single-bay pellet baskets can hold 12 lbs (5.4 kg) of pellets can produce 35,000 BTUs per hour over the course of 3 to 4 hours—enough heat to keep your house comfortably warm.

Our 3-bay baskets can hold 16 lbs (7.25 kg) of pellets—producing the same level of heat.

Fraction of the cost of oil and electric heat

Pellet prices are more stable and are not as greatly affected by foreign price fluctuations since they can be bought from companies within your own country or continent.

Where Can I Buy Wood Pellets?

Burns cleaner, safer and leaves less residue

  • Pellets contain only 3% - 6% moisture, compared to 15% - 30% in firewood.
  • Wood pellets greatly lessen creosote buildup and the chance of flue fires since they burn cleaner than regular firewood.
  • Only a coffee cup of ash is left at the day's end.

Easier to store than conventional firewood

Pellets are easier to store than conventional firewood, with no household litter from bark or bugs.

Wood pellets come in bags which may be bought singly, or an entire season's fuel can be purchased all at once.

Using a Pellet Basket

Lighting the Wood Pellets

Starting a fire for the first time is easy.

  1. Place the pellet basket in your wood stove or fireplace & then fill the basket with pellets

  2. Have your damper (or air intake) set for maximum air flow

  3. Light pellets with a gelled fire starter

  4. Enjoy the efficient heat of wood pellets

Adjusting the Temperature

Use your stove's damper to choke your airflow down and regulate the temperature.

No fan is needed to circulate air within the stove. There is enough air flow through the basket itself to allow the pellets to burn with a flame.

Add more pellets, when needed, if you have hot pellets. Move them over to one side of the basket with a small metal scoop. Then add fresh pellets beside hot pellets. The hot pellets will ignite the fresh pellets and will not smolder.

Readjust your air settings for a safe working temperature.

Note: Fireplaces need some kind of door for optimal results to retain the heat.


Remove the ashes from the bottom of the pellet basket once daily for maximum air flow.

The pellet basket only needs to be removed from the wood stove or fireplace to remove ashes.

As always, remember proper maintenance of your wood stove or fireplace.

Gel Fire Starter

Gel (or gelled) fire starter is a gelled alcohol formula for starting fires with wood pellets in stoves and fireplaces. It's safe, odor-free and smokeless.

Buy Gelled fire starter online at Rutland.com


Is Wood Pellet Heat Right For Me?

There are very few requirements for using pellet baskets for heating. If you already have a wood stove or fireplace, you're pretty much set.

There is no special stove or equipment required to burn wood pellets. A pellet basket can be used with any wood-burning stove or fireplace, so it does not require a special electric fan or blower.

No installation required—just place the basket in your stove. If later, for some reason, you want to build a regular log fire, the pellet basket can simply be lifted out—it's as simple as that.

What Others Are Saying About BurnWoodPellets

The Coastal Journal

BurnWoodPellets.com was mentioned in The Coastal Journal in an article they wrote about heating your home with wood pellets.

I recently purchased a small pellet basket from you. Just wanted you to know how pleased I am. Now that the living room of our 105-year-old house has been winterized, it does a wonderful job. So nice to sit by the fire with a cup of green tea and a good book! A good product.
Thurlow from Ohio

I have to say it is wonderful. We have used it and what a difference it makes in our house. I have given your information out to at least three of my friends so far. This allows us to burn wood pellets without the high cost of a pellet stove. Thank you for the great product.
Melini from Vermont

You are awesome. Thanks for your consideration and prompt attention and glad you would answer my questions.
Kathie from Iowa

Just got the basket in the mail. Outstanding job on the modification! Thanks again. I am going to forward your website to my son who just bought a new home and is getting started with his fireplace.
Jack from New York

Got my pellet basket today and wanted to say thank you—looks great! Your workmanship is top notch and I really appreciate you modifying the legs for me. It turned out beyond excellent! Heavy duty product—pictures do not do it justice.
John from Illinois

Where Do I Buy Wood Pellets?

If you're thinking about pellet heat, you may wonder where you can buy wood pellet fuel. There are actually several places you can buy wood pellets.

Retail Stores

If you live in the United States, wood pellets can be purchased at national retail stores:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Menards
  • Ace Hardware
  • TSC Tractor Supply Co.
  • Farm and Fleet
  • Rural King

Buy Wood Pellets Online

You can also purchase wood pellets online through most of the national retail stores' individual websites.

Search For an Area Wood Pellet Dealer

If you live in the United States or Canada, the Pellet Fuels Institute has a great list of wood pellet dealers, broken down into regions.

Pellet Fuels Institute—Pellet Fuel Manufacturers

Buy a Pellet Basket Today

Single-Bay Pellet Basket

single-bay pellet basket
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Only $125 USD + Shipping & Handling


  • All-steel construction & welded joints
  • 12 in wide x 8 in deep x 9 ½ in tall
  • Holds 12 lbs of wood pellets



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3-Bay Pellet Basket

3-bay pellet basket
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Only $150 USD + Shipping & Handling


  • All-steel construction & welded joints
  • 17 in wide x 8 in deep x 9 ½ in tall
  • Holds 16 lbs of wood pellets


Custom-Sized Pellet Baskets

We can also make custom-sized pellet baskets. Just email us the length, width and height desired.

Strongest-Built Pellet Baskets Available in the USA

Our pellet baskets are the only welded pellet baskets made in the USA—All joints on our steel pellet baskets are welded for extra durability and long life.

Don’t be fooled by the “bolted-on” or “wire-mesh” imitations on the market. These are the toughest, strongest, all-welded-constructed pellet baskets sold! Made in the USA—Built to last!

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